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Q. Are bag-in dispensers dishwasher safe?
A. Our products are TOP-RACK dishwasher safe, yes.

Q. How do I remove a stubborn label?
A. We employ the very latest adhesives on our labels in an effort to make them as easy as possible to remove. However, on occasion, a label will "take" to the plastic and become difficult to separate. In this event, try to avoid soaking it. Instead, warm it with a hair dryer, then carefully peel. Special oils formulated to remove stickers and glue will help, too.
We recommend non-toxic Goo-Gone® to remove unusually stubborn label residue.

Q. Will bag-in dispensers work WITHOUT a bag?
A. Absolutely. While you'll keep foods fresher inside the original bag or package, you can always empty the contents into one of our dispensers. Our food dispensers are all made from BPA-free, FDA approved plastic for food storage. The convenient handles and patented Dual-Pour™ Flip Tops make our dispensers a fantastic pantry addition no matter how you choose to use them.

Q. These products are awesome! Where can I buy one?
A. Our products are stocked year-round in many major retail outlets, and seasonally in others. Many pet stores and hardware chains carry our pet food and bird seed dispensers. Check your neighborhood store. The Kingsford® Kaddy is seasonally available at many grocery, hardware and general goods stores nationwide. You may always order online.

Q. I lost a lid. Can I get a replacement?
A. Yes. Send an e-mail to info@buddeez.com for pricing and shipping information.

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