Below are letters we've received from customers who've discovered our Bag-In Dispensers. If you would like to share your thoughts or comments, please drop us a line!

"Bravo! Nice work! Finally, someone has come out with a cereal container that is critter-proof!! Unfortunately, my kitchen was invaded by ants that came in through my bay window. They went right to the pantry. I had to throw out 3 cereals. Now, no more ants. But, if they came back, at least they can't eat my cereal!!"

M. Gatanas

Springfield, VA

"I own the Buddeez Cereal Box Toppers and they are a blast! Everyone that visits my home loves them, and would you believe I kept sending everyone to Walmart to purchase them. Keep Doing what you're doing! This product is rated class A and Excellent in my opinion.


Mrs. Stone

Augusta, GA

"I have used one of these bread buddys for some time and they work so well. I am able to keep a loaf of bread for quite some time without the spoilage I used to encounter."
V. Evans

"Good morning...Just a note to thank you very much for the replacement top that I received for my Bread Buddy. I was also able to find the charcoal storing container & I bought 2 of them... Love your product & appreciate your kindness & backing up your product. Again many thanks."

Mary Jo L.

Cape Coral, FL

"We bought a pair of Buddeez Cereal Dispensers at WalMart a couple of years ago to help organize our kitchen cabinet. They are/were terrific in eliminating the mess of boxes. We all have only so much shelf space...never enough. We need to be efficient in the way we use it. Yet, (your competitor) designed their container as an "oval." I could probably fit only three of their products in our cabinet, while the rectangular shape of the Buddeez product allows us to store double that number in the same space. In short...thanks for a simple, elegant, functional product.


Kenneth M."

Mill Valley, CA

"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how highly I think of the Buddeez Bag-In Dispenser storage container. I originally bought one because it is made in the USA, which is something I always look for. Having both a pour spout and a flip-top lid is an ingenious design. I'll definitely buy more for other pantry products and I'll let my family and friends know about your product.

Renee' K."

Normal, IL

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